Metal and Nonmetal Laser Machine

Product Pacification

(1) The integration of high strength frame type lathe bed structure, good rigidity, ensures the high stability of the equipment.

(2) Guide rail base with high precision gantry , and adopts imported linear guide rail, installation and debugging adopt precision collimator test, ensure the high speed and high precision.

(3) A new advanced design, unique closed constant light path structure.

(4) The follow-up on smoking and smoke exhaust system, under high power exhaust more thoroughly.

(5) The mixture of machine cutting ability: for stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, and the board can be cut.

(6) Machine precision: imported servo, with imports of ball screw transmission, greatly improves the response speed and precision equipment, prolong the service life of the product.

(6) The constant light path system: this machine adopts the constant light path system, for the first time realized the full width and high precision cutting.

Product Parameter :

Model TMTL1325/TMTL1530
Working Area 1300mm*2500mm/1500*3000mm
Working Table Blades
Working speed 400mm/s
Laser Type Sealed co2 laser tube
Laser Power 150W-300w
Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm(without red dot)
Image Format Supported BMP,PLT,DST,AI,DXF,etc
Cooling System Constant temperature water cooling and protecting system
Power Supply AC220±10%,50-60Hz,30A max
Driving Motor Stepper motor
Working Temperature 0-45℃
Working Humidity 5%-95%
Smoke Exhausting By Funnel
Auxiliary cutting gas Nitrogen,oxygen or air

Additional Information:

Item Code: TMTL-1525