YAG Laser Cutting Machine

Product Pacification

Feature YAG laser metal cutting machine The best choice for stainless steel sheet.It is more 100 tines faster thab WEDM.Cutting capability is very good for medium-thick steel plate.The using cost and follow-up maintenance is low, highly cost effective.

Product Parameters :

Model TMTL1325/TMTL1530/TMTL2030
Working area 1300*2500mm/1500*300MM/2000*3000MM
Laser power 500W-1000W
Laser wavelength 1064um
Transmission way imported screw and servo
Impulse frequency 1-145hz
Mac cutting thickness (carbon steel) 10mm
Max traveling speed 15000mm/min
Positional accuracy ±0.02mm/m
Repeated positional accuracy ±0.015mm
Min linewidth 0.1mm
Voltage 380/50hz
Machine power ≤20KW
Cooling system 5p water chiller
Graphic format DXFG codePLT